About US

My name is Savannah, Founder of KINDRED and I am overwhelming happy to be here. Truly.

I am so so happy to be here because it took me a while to actually believe that I could be here. In my head I was an unlikely entrepreneur. I am admittedly soft around the edges and I thought that would count me out from this journey because I believed in rhetoric that says that you have to be a shark and you have to grind yourself to a pulp in order to succeed.

Welllll, plot twist: showing up as your whole self, getting connected to community, consistency, and unshakable belief are more important. I’m glad I finally decided to take a bet on myself and find out for myself. If you’ve ever wondered “what if?“ Do it. Do the thing and find out.

This entrepreneurial journey is every bit of a personal journey. My confidence, my will, my determination has been stretched in ways I could never even imagine previously. And I only see going forward from here. And I’m learning to not be ashamed to say “I’m pretty damn proud of myself.”

Another huge reason for me taking this leap is because I have two young girls that are watching me. My daughters who are 9 and 3 get to see me build this thing from scratch. They get to come alongside me for every win and every time we need to stop and say what can we learn from this experience? I don’t want to just tell them they can do anything in life, I want to show them. And as James Baldwin said “Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.”

And why greeting cards? Well that’s easy. Greeting cards are more important than a gift. I may not remember what someone got me for my 21st birthday, but I still have that card. They are a marker for every special occasion in your life. Greeting cards are keepers of sacred words of love, encouragement, empathy, and joy. And being that they are portals of emotion, they should look like you and I, sound like you and I, and relate to us on levels that are truly special and specific. It is my honor and joy to be part of a community creating these experiences for us.

Show someone some love today. Preferably, the paper way 🤎


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