From Atlanta, With Love
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From Atlanta, With Love

Atlanta has been called the city too busy to hate.  But we also can't be too busy to love.  And it starts with me and you (yo mama and yo cousin too).

It's why we're gifting everyone who visits this page with a *free* greeting card.  All we ask is that when you get it, you give it away.   

But first, write in it.  Tell someone how you feel.  Just because is a great reason.   Send that note in the mail.  They'll get something besides bills.  They'll smile ear to ear.  You'll feel great.  Do something kind for someone in Atlanta.   Write a love letter.

Enter in the promo code FILA at checkout to get your free Atlanta greeting card and let's start a movement towards something real.  One random act at a time.

About the From Atlanta, With Love Collection

The collection is designed to celebrate the ATL while serving as a visual reminder that love can't wait. And you have the time 'cause you're probably stuck in traffic.

About Kindred Paper

We are a local, woman-owned greeting card company and we believe in loving with intention. Our mission is simple: be kind.

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